Fencing materials

An alternative to traditional metal construction materials, this fencing plastic construction solutions are easy to handle. It is designed for protection around construction sites, working areas also provides highly visible modular barrier fencing systems for road works, crowd control, identifying obstacles, and dangerous areas.

PictureManufacturerProduct CodeApplicationData sheetsPrice
tenax gigan pr1Tenax90505504Building site fencingDownload
4 RTenax90205004, 90206004, 90207524, 90209004, 90209006Building site fencingDownload
tenax working pr1Tenax82121104, 82121204, 82121504, 82121804Working site signallingDownload
4 RTenax92000004, 92001004Working site signallingDownload
tenax traffic pr1Tenax1A070327Signalling dangerous areasDownload
tenax torpedo pr1TenaxTorpedoBuilding site fencingDownload
tenax limit1 pr1Tenax34020304, 34020404Safe barriers
tenax limit2 pr1Tenax1A090049, 1A090050Construction fencing system
tenax sport pr1TenaxLimit sportBarriers
tenax garden pr1Tenax1A080134Barriers